Wintry Wordless Wednesday

I’m never at a loss for words, so this Wordless Wednesday won’t be wordless.
I think I may start getting cabin fever if the sun doesn’t start shinning. Usually I love winter, and I’m a huge fan. That isn’t the case this year. In all honesty I really don’t like the summer much. I’m more of a Autumn lover. Here in Jersey we have snow, and lots of it. One thing I do have to admit is the beauty of mother nature.

Ice is dangerous; yet beautiful,
Ice Storm 2011
snow flakes are so intricate,
2011-01-089509.37.48 (1)
and the rain beading up is simply eye catching to me.
Rain beads

I had fun going outside and snapping these pictures. ┬áIt may look like a mess out there, but there’s beauty as well.

7 Responses to “Wintry Wordless Wednesday”

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    New York Chica — February 2, 2011 @ 6:52 pm

    Great shots! My favorite is the branch full of ice. Thx for linking up!


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    blueviolet — February 2, 2011 @ 7:21 pm

    How absolutely beautiful! I envy your photo abilities. :)


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    PAM — February 2, 2011 @ 10:07 pm

    Well, the way you just showed it…winter is beautiful!

    Not my normal opinion:)


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    Manni — February 3, 2011 @ 1:57 am

    Those photos look amazing!! My favorite is the frost on the window : D


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    That Bald Chick (formerly ladyvdzine) — February 3, 2011 @ 3:45 pm

    That frozen bud is beautiful and sad. Definitely frameable!


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    Medifast Coupons — February 3, 2011 @ 9:10 pm

    The frozen buds are my favorite one I think too. You took some really nice shots, good for you.


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    marla — February 5, 2011 @ 2:18 pm

    This post is so happy to me ’cause I love winter. Hope you are hanging in there :)


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