Fluffy Omelet – ManPans Review

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A few weeks ago ManPans and Paula from bell’alimento held a contest called “Show us your pans!”

The light bulb went off, my toss it pan!  My mother had purchased me this pan for my birthday, and to be honest.. the only place it should have been tossed was in the garbage!
Well, that was exactly what I did!  Then this contest came around a day later.. I was excited and thrilled the garbage hadn’t been collected yet, so the hubby and I dug it out and snapped some pictures away.
It cooked unevenly, the handle got hot, and it served no purpose in the kitchen aside from taking up space.
I never purchased any other Teflon, Dupont, or any  (whatever you call those chemicals that I don’t need on my cooking surfaces)..other coated pans in fear of the coating coming off.  I love that ManPan is PTFE free coating, and PFOA Free manufacturing!  (Eco Friendly!)
I didn’t win the big giveaway, but I still tossed this pan back in the garbage.  Who wants a pan that only cooks on one side? Not me!!
Then about a day or two later ManPans sent me a message saying my pan was sad, and they’d love to give me a pan so I can make omelets!! :)
I didn’t tell them, but I jumped up and down screaming like a little girl – dreaming about holding the beautiful
Yes it’s beautiful. I love the fact that it actually stays cool, but also warns you of the area that will be hot.   One thing I forgot to mention is how badly my previous pan burnt my hand.  I figured the food wasn’t cooked how could the handle be hot? Thank goodness for ice packs! OUCH!
I was so excited to open the box, there it was in all it’s shiny glory! I was sent the ManPans 10″ Fry Pan and Lid.
It’s super light as well! My previous pan was 3lbs of uneven cooking madness.  This weighs in under 1 1/2lbs!ManPans perfection.   
I also love that it’s oven safe, up to 700 degrees!  
Oh and this seal of ECO friendly makes me smile with cheesy happiness.  I don’t want chemicals in my food, let alone cook my food on them.  Planning a family, and even just for my own health and well being I feel that ManPans really cares about the consumer!
So what did I do as soon as I opened it?  Oh I washed it, warm soapy water!
Then I made an omelet. :)
Before using your ManPan you need to lightly coat it in Canola Oil, then wipe it around the pan using a paper towel. (Just to coat, not puddles!)
Canola Oil
Omelet Ingridients

Fool Proof – Fluffy Omelet

3 Whole Eggs
2 Egg Whites
1/4 Cup Shredded Cheddar Cheese
4 Tablespoons Milk
Salt and Pepper to taste
Whisk together the eggs and milk.
Let your pan warm up, medium heat for about 30 seconds (heats up quickly)
Pour in the eggs.  Fluff the eggs and make sure to use a spatula around the sides of the pan.
Omelet ManPans
Once the eggs aren’t runny add some cheese, flip and let it cook for 2 minutes.Omelet ManPans
 Flip again and let cook for another 2 minutes. Sprinkle a little more cheese on top.
Omelet ManPans
I loved that I could actually fit some homefries on the side!
(To make homefries, parboil some cubed potatoes, add to pan with a little oil and let cook until crispy. Sprinkle with paprika, pepper, and salt)
Omelet ManPansCool Touch Handle <-- Look at that - NO burnt hands!! :) Hooray!
Delicious, nutritious, and no chemicals – Enjoy!
You’ll also enjoy the clean up, as nothing sticks! 

Note: I received this product for review, but wasn’t compensated otherwise.  Opinions are my own, and cannot be influenced.  I purchased all materials to make this review possible, aside from the product being reviewed.
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    Wow, the ManPans looks awesome. Love that it’s eco-friendly. I’m glad that you finally got rid of the one your mother gave you. It looked dangerous!

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    That was so awesome of them!! Congrats on the new pan!!! I’m going to have to take a look at their products, I could so use something better than what I currently HATE and have..

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