Breastfeeding: Protecting with Bamboobies

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When I first started nursing I was told to get disposable nursing pads.  I purchased them and brought them along in my hospital bag.  A few days after being home I realized what was in them and how much money I was actually wasting.  I bought a pair of organic nursing pads from my local baby store.  I figured it would be the best option over the disposables.  Two days after using them I was actually sticking to the pads – OUCH!  It was painful and I stopped using them and went back to using disposables.  Then I heard about Bamboobies.  A mother who had issues with how disposables looked and wanted to make a better option for other mommies!  They’re even safe if you have cracked nipples, which is why I discontinued the use of the previous cloth organic pads I had purchased.  Bamboobies are heart shaped so that they don’t leave your shirt looking funky when you’re using them.  Who wants crinkles and creases in their shirt?  Not me!   

Bamboobies Nursing Pads Review

The first time I used the Bamboobies it was definitely different than the others I had purchased at my local store – might I mention that actually carries Bamboobies now!  They’re soft, comfortable, and they don’t stick to me!  I also notice that I don’t feel moisture.. I do tend to leak, but these don’t have any indication of it!  Love!  I’m so upset that I spent so much money on disposables in the very beginning thinking that I would stick to all reusable ones.  I could have had so many more bamboobies! 

Bamboobies Nursing Pads Review

I can also wear any shirt and you can not see them through it!  I am a nursing mother, but you shouldn’t see my nursing pads.. Not the look I am going for!  They’re good for me overnight, but I know some mother’s leak more than me so they even have overnight Bamboobies!  

Bamboobies Nursing Pads Review

Be sure to check out Bambooies on  Twitter and Facebook as they always offer coupon codes!

Now I’m sure you want to try them yourself, so we’re offering a giveaway!

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I’ve included this in the Kickin’ It Off with Cloth Event, go check out all the other informative posts, products, and enter some other amazing giveaways! :) 

Kickin' It Off With Cloth

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    I have wanted some of these for a while. I didn’t know this was a giveaway until I started reading the review. If I were to win I would use the $ toward a multi pack with overnights. If I don’t win, I’ll still be getting a multi pack! :)

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